Call for papers: “Media: Theory and Practice”


Second Annual International CCCS Conference 2014
“Media: Theory and Practice”
4-6 September 2014
Hotel Continental – Skopje, Macedonia

Supported by:

European Communication Research and Education
International Association for Media and Communication Research

The Centre for Culture and Cultural Studies (CCCS) invites proposals for papers, thematic panels and original media productions for Second Annual International CCCS Conference 2014 ‘Media: Theory and Practice’
The aim of this conference revolves around a foundational impetus to shed greater light on all relevant aspects of media studies, including mass communication, media technology, the visual and the performing arts, TV, radio, WEB and print media, as well as other key components of media studies and mass communication.
We invite proposals based on media theory (particularly critical media studies and cultural studies), and proposals that consider the relationship between media and (popular) culture, politics, arts, new media, as pertinent fields of study.
We welcome submissions that offer original media productions: documentary films, fictionalized or non-narrative creative expressions. The submitted proposal needs to contain a creative or theoretical explanation of the submitted work. We invite projects by PhD students or submissions by teams of students and instructors (lecturers).
Hence, the Second Annual International CCCS Conference 2014 ‘Media: Theory and Practice’ strives to offer a dialogic space for media theorists and practitioners. Along those lines, we invite media studies’ theorists as well as practitioners to offer proposals through engaging and current ideas, paper topics, workshop presentations and round table discussions.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Media Analyses
Content analysis
Media literacy
Media discourses
Critical Theory and Media Criticism
Media and hegemony
Media and globalization
Media and Political Communication
Media activism
Media and ideology
Media and democracy
Media and Law
(De)Regulation of media
Media and privacy
Media and copyright
Art and Media
Art-science interface
Media and aesthetics
The visual arts
The performing arts
Media and Culture
Media and gender
Diaspora, migrants and media
Media and ethnicity
Media and audience
Cultural populism
Cultural capital
Media and remembrance/forgetting
Media and heritage
Media and identity
Media representation
New Media
Media and games
Social media
Digital activism
Media ecosystem
Journalism studies
Journalism and social and cultural representations
The role and status of journalism in the era of digital technology
Alternative and community media

Paper proposals
For individual paper proposals, please fill out the following form PAPER PROPOSALS (if you have problems filling the form, please download offline form in MS WORD format)
Submissions for individual paper proposals should number to 250 words.
Panel proposals
Panel proposals are also welcomed, particularly those organized by internationally recognized experts aiming to bring together researchers on key topics for an interactive discussion among the panel members and the participants. Panels are an important component of CCCS’s 2014 Conference.
For panel proposals, please fill out the following form PANEL PROPOSALS
Submissions for panel proposals should include a 300-word abstract, for entire panel.
Important Dates and Fees
Deadline for abstracts submission: 15 March 2014
Notifications of acceptance: 1 April 2014
Deadline for full paper submission: 1 December 2014
Early registration (till 1 May 2014): €40
Late registration (till 15 August 2014): €60
On-site registration (or after 15 August 2014): €80
The registration fee includes: the welcome party, conference materials, an online publication of the abstracts, refreshment breaks. Full papers that have received a positive review will be published in the journals “Култура/Culture” and/or “Investigating Culture”.
Official languages of Conference are English, Russian and Macedonian.
The Conference will be held on 4-6 September, 2014 in Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia.
For any further information please contact Dr. Mishel Pavlovski or Dr. Loreta Georgievska Jakovleva

Scientific committee

Carpentier, Nico (Vrije Universiteit – Brussel, Belgium)
Cox, John K. (North Dacota State University – Fargo, USA)
Dzamtoska – Zdravkovska, Suzana (University “Goce Delchev” – Shtip, Macedonia)
Georgievska Jakovleva, Loreta (Ss. “Cyril and Methodius” University – Skopje, Macedonia)
Heinderyckx, François (Université libre de Bruxelles – Brussel, Belgium)
Jurišić, Jelena (Univeristy of Zagreb – Zagreb, Croatia)
Kulafkova, Kata (Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts – Skopje, Macedonia)
Mance, Boris (Centar za raziskovanje družbenega komuniciranja na FDV – Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Patriarche, Geoffroy (Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis – Bruxelles, Belgium)
Pavlovski, Mishel (Ss. “Cyril and Methodius” University – Skopje, Macedonia)
Schrøder, Kim Christian (Roskilde Universitet – Roskilde, Denmark)
Starkey, Guy (University of Sunderland – Sunderland, UK)

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