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The Centre for Culture and Cultural Studies (CCCS) organize Annual International CCCS Conference from 2013. First conference (2013) was titled “Cultural Memory” and had 350 participants. Second conference (2014), with 150 participants was organized under the overarching theme “Media: Theory and Practice”. This year conference, with 260 participants, is titled “Identity and culture”. Conferences, traditionally, are organized in beginning of September. Call for papers is available at mid November. Selected, peer-reviewed, papers are published in international journals “Култура/Culture” and “Investigating Culture”.
Our highest priority is to provide the most stimulating meeting programs and environment for sharing data, generating ideas, starting collaborations, and maybe launching life-long collegial relationships.

“Reinvestigating Culture in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences”

May 26th – 28th 2016, Faculty of Media and Communications, Belgrade, Serbia

Faculty of Media and Communications, Belgrade, Serbia and the Centre for Culture and Cultural Studies, Skopje, Macedonia, organizes International Conference “Reinvestigating Culture in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences”.
Confronted with an urgent need for historical, political and societal acculturation of our times, this conference aims at re-questioning and inquiring the notion of culture itself. After the Second World War, the notion of culture emerged as a space to be contested, re-evaluated and diverged from universalistic and general claims to fixed identity, nationalistic and ethnocentric politics and deterministic uses and abuses in the socio-political, epistemological and artistic realms. Academic field of Cultural Studies has been developed during the second half of 20th Century, as an interdisciplinary field combining various approaches, from Humanities to Sciences – reflecting on dominant cultural knowledge and practices, as well as the effects of counter-cultural movements and initiatives on contemporary globalized and technologically mediated societies.

Scientific Board

Ana Došen, Singidunum University, Belgrade (Serbia)
Sarah Edge, University of Ulster (UK)
Loreta Georgievska – Jakovleva, Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje (Macedonia)
Mina Isotani, Parana Federal University (Brazil)
Ana Koncul, Research fellow at the University College of Southeast Norway (Norway)
Sergey Korkonosenko, St. Petersburg State University (Russia)
Mishel Pavlovski, Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje (Macedonia)
Sanja Puljar D’Alessio, University of Rijeka (Croatia)
Mirjana Stošić, Singidunum University, Belgrade (Serbia)

Call for Papers