About Us

Our Mission
CCCS’s mission is to encourage creative activities, new cultural forms and practices whilst stimulating quality cultural and artistic productions; to ensure sustainable cultural development; to encourage the preservation of cultural heritages and ancient crafts; to stimulate economic development through cultural and creative industries, as well as cultural tourism; to develop quality cultural policies; to develop multicultural and intercultural relations; to respect and promote human rights, cultural diversity, racial, ethnic and gender equality; to support the activities of marginalized groups; to strengthen society’s democratic and civic potential; to indicate the importance of preserving the natural environment and resources; and to develop cultural studies as an academic discipline.
Our vision
CSSS’s vision is to grow into a recognizable, non-governmental, non-profit organization associated with other organizations in the country (Macedonia) and abroad, whose direction of action is through the medium of culture, cultural practices and research projects that contribute to the democratization of society and its economic growth.
CCCS Founding Members
Loreta Georgievska-Jakovleva (President); Mishel Pavlovski (Vice-President); Suzana Dzamtoska-Zdravkovska; Sonja Zdravkova -Djeparoska; Bela Gligorova; Natasa Ilievska- Tanevski Irena Jordanova (Secretary General); Dafinka Balabanova-Aleksova; Boban Karapejovski; Tomislav Karanfilovski; Viktor Jakovlev