CCCS Conference 2014 Info


The Republic of Macedonia is easily accessible from most European destinations via Skopje’s International Airport “Alexander the Great”, located about 17 km (10 miles) from the city, with a connection to most of European capitals (for more info, check Also, via the international train and bus station located in the city center (with daily connections to neighboring countries, e.g., Belgrade, Thessaloniki, Prishtina and Sofia).
Transfer fees:
Skopje International Airport “Alexander the Great”
public transport (approximately 2,3 €) more info
taxi (approximately 20 €) more info

CCCS conference 2014 “Media: Theory and Practice” will be held at “Hotel Continental” (map).
The official Opening will take place on September 4th, at 9:00 am.


Participants of the “Media: Theory and Practice” conference can book rooms at discounted prices for the following hotel:
Hotel Continental

Bed and breakfast in single, double and triple rooms in 3 categories:

Deluxe room (****):
single room: 50 € per person per night;
double room: 35 € per person per night;
Standard room (***+):
single room: 40 € per person per night;
double room: 30 € per person per night;
Economic room (***):
single room: 22 € per person per night;
double room: 18 € per person per night;
triple room: 16 € per person per night.
For information on reservations and payment options, please contact Mrs. Maya Popovska
Please emphasize that you are a participant of the “Media: Theory and Practice” Conference)
Please regard any and all enquiries to the Conference’s administrative team, at the following address:


Coffee about 1.1 Euros
Beer (in bar) from 1 Euro
Wine glass (in bar) from 1.5 Euro
Spirits (in bar) from 1 Euro
Water 0.5l about 0.5 Euro
Season fruits from 0.3 Euros per kg
Breakfast (restaurant) from 2.5 Euros
Breakfast (fast food) from 1 Euro
Lunch (restaurant) from 4 Euros
Lunch (fast food) from 2 Euros
Taxi 1.1 Euro start + 0.4 Euros per kilometer
Bus up to 0,5 Euros
Theatres from 4 Euros
Cinemas from 2 Euros
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) about 0,1 Euro