Култура/Culture 11/2015

Култура / Culture 11/2015Thematic issue: Media and Culture

This edition of the Culture/Култура journal, as several of the future issues, is dedicated to the topic of media and culture. The editorial board felt compelled to publish a selection of the papers presented at the Second International Conference of the Center for Culture and Cultural Studies, which took place in Skopje (Macedonia), in September 2014. The conference was held with a singular goal in mind: to allow researchers from across the scientific disciplines to engage in meaningful debate and discourse on the vast topic that is media and culture. In turn, over 250 papers were presented, stemming from/across distinct disciplines, while at the same time, successfully practicing a heightened interdisciplinary approach. The editorial board thus tried to offer a way into categorizing the papers, yet any one strict categorization could neither prove sufficient nor exhaustive, since most papers immediately and apparently addressed several categories, while some eluded any.

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