CCCS’s Program “Culture as a Lifestyle” 2013


During 2013, the Center for Culture and Cultural Studies (CCCS) organized cultural events, as part of its “Culture as a Lifestyle” program. Its contents equally focused on the promotion of contemporary art and the advancement of cultural heritage/s. A part of the activities were directed towards organizing debates on topics otherwise marginalized or often left undiscussed and/or unreseached. The program officially commenced with a scheduled talk by novelist Goce Smilevski on the topic of “Intercultural Communication”. The program also included the following monthly events:
January: talk by Goce Smilevski;
February: a jewelry exhibition by painter Dafinka Balabanova (“Macedonian-Japanese Cultural Relations: Between Tradition and Modernity”);
March: a multimedia book launch by poet Marta Markoska;
April: the launch of the third issue of the international journal Култура/Culture;
September: CCCS’s First Annual International Conference “Cultural Memory”;
November: Start of the project “Tilting: Traditional Crafts set in a Contemporary Context”;
December: the launch of the international journal Култура/Culture (Fourth issue).