Call for Papers “Reinvestigating Culture in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences”

CfP Reinvestigating
International Conference
“Reinvestigating Culture in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences”
May 26th – 28th 2016
Faculty of Media and Communications, Belgrade, Serbia
Deadline for submitting abstracts: 15 February 2016 Extended deadline: 1 March 2016
Notifications of acceptance: 1 March 2016
Deadline for submitting full papers: 1 October 2016

Faculty of Media and Communications, Belgrade, Serbia and the Centre for Culture and Cultural Studies, Skopje, Macedonia, organizes International Conference “Reinvestigating Culture in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences”.
Confronted with an urgent need for historical, political and societal acculturation of our times, this conference aims at re-questioning and inquiring the notion of culture itself. After the Second World War, the notion of culture emerged as a space to be contested, re-evaluated and diverged from universalistic and general claims to fixed identity, nationalistic and ethnocentric politics and deterministic uses and abuses in the socio-political, epistemological and artistic realms. Academic field of Cultural Studies has been developed during the second half of 20th Century, as an interdisciplinary field combining various approaches, from Humanities to Sciences – reflecting on dominant cultural knowledge and practices, as well as the effects of counter-cultural movements and initiatives on contemporary globalized and technologically mediated societies.
Our aim is to probe the subversive tendencies within and without the mainstream cultures, and to engage in the re-evaluation of cultural practices, cultural politics and cultural discourses that are reshaping our understanding of:

  • history and past;
  • identities, territories and borders;
  • the practices of inclusion and/or exclusion;
  • the constructions of space and place (cultural topography).

We wish to address the ways in which cultural aesthetics challenge inequalities organized around race, class, gender, and sexuality and to re-thinking the relations between politics and culture, hegemony and resistance, historical imagination and notions of utopian, anti-utopian, dystopian phantasms of community.
As such, we invite contributors to critically re-examine culture not only as a fixed “concept” but as transformative “process”, and to illuminate the micro-narratives that legitimate alternative, less visible, almost absent cultural practices, instead of grand narrative schemes we are all embedded in, especially in terms of constructions of the “epoch”, “generation”, and all forms of “belonging” and “becoming”.
As well as traditional academic style presentations, we also welcome creative submissions across all genres and forms, from independent scholars, cultural workers and artists.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Critical Theory and Cultural Criticism
Semiotics of Culture
Hegemony and cultural discourses
Cultural imperialism
New historicism
Critical cultural geography
Cross-cultural studies
Art history criticism
Mass and democratic culture
Rethinking popular culture and media
Cultural populism
Cultural consumption
Cultural discourse analysis
Cultures in translation
Culture and new technologies
History, archeology, anthropology, heritage and culture
Cultural narratives
History of culture and cultural history
Cultural anthropology
Cultural heritage and cultural preservation
Archival cultural practices
The notion of the “Epoch”
Communities and Culture
Discourse communities
Interpretative communities
Ethnic studies
Class structures
Culture and national formations
“Clash of civilizations”
Transnational cultures
Sociology of culture
Gender and culture
Queer cultures
Digital activism
Culture and Political Communication
Rethinking cultural policies
Culture and ideology
Counter-cultural social movements
Economic and political determination of culture
Public cultural policy between “lived” and “processed”
Institutionalization of culture
Cultural capital
Art and Culture
Literature studies
Film studies
Theatre studies
Visual arts studies
Performance studies
Curatorial culture
Music theory and choreography
(New) Media and Culture
Media and audience
Media Archeology
Media representation
Media literacy
Media and cultural dissemination

Paper proposals
For individual paper proposals, please fill out the submission form (if you have problems filling the form, please download offline form in MS WORD format)
Submissions for individual paper proposals should number to 250 words.
Panel proposals
Panel proposals are also welcomed, particularly those organized by internationally recognized experts aiming to bring together researchers on key topics for an interactive discussion among the panel members and the participants. For panel proposals, please fill out the submission form (if you have problems filling the form, please download offline form in MS WORD format)
Submissions for panel proposals should include a 250-word abstract, for entire panel, and 250-word abstract for each presentation.
Important Dates and Fees
Deadline for abstracts submission: 15 February 2016
Notifications of acceptance: 1 March 2016
Deadline for full paper submission: 1 October 2016
Registration and Fees:
Early registration (till 1 April 2016): € 120 / € 90 PhD students
Late registration (till 24May 2016): € 150 / € 120 PhD students
On-site registration: € 150 / € 120 PhD students
The registration fee includes: conference materials, an online publication of the abstracts, three meals and refreshment breaks. All papers will be subject to peer-review. Full papers that have received a positive review will be published in online journal “Investigating Culture”. Selected papers will be published in the journals “Belgrade Journal of Media and Communications” or “Култура/Culture”.
Official languages of Conference are English, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Macedonian and Serbian.
The Conference will be held on 26-28 May, 2016 in Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia.
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