• Giovanni Ercolani

    Giovanni Ercolani is Research Associate at the ‘Center for European Studies’ (University of Murcia, Spain), and Thesis Advisor for the ‘Peace Operations Training Institute’ (USA). A Doctor in Political Science and Oriental Studies, both from the University of Roma (‘La Sapienza’, Italy), he holds a M.A. in Politics and Government (St. John’s University, New York, USA), a Master in Social Anthropology (University of Murcia, Spain), and a Ph.D. in International Relations (Nottingham Trent University, UK). Previously, Dr. Ercolani served at the NATO COMLANDSOUTHEAST HQ in Izmir, Turkey, and has been a Research Associate at the ‘Scottish Centre for International Security’ at the University of Aberdeen (UK). Dr. Ercolani (1) has been lecturing on international security issues, and cultural and political anthropology in Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, France, Slovenia, Romania, Albania, Turkey, Azerbaijan and China; (2) is a specialist in Social and Political Anthropology, Political Science, Security Studies, International Relations, Cultural Studies, and Contemporary History; (3) his multidisciplinary research area focuses on the topics of globalization, power, security, discipline, resistance, and consciousness; and (4) he is a regional expert on Turkey. The author, and co-author of numerous articles and published papers, Dr. Ercolani has recently co-edited a book on ‘Anthropology and Security Studies’ (University of Murcia, 2013). Dr. Ercolani is Fellow of the ‘Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland’ (UK), and member (elected) of the ‘Royal Institute of International Affairs’ (‘Chatham House’, London. UK).
  • Irina Airinei Vasile

    Irina Airinei Vasile, Ph.D., is currently a University Lecturer at the National School for Political Studies and Public Administration (NSPSPA) in Bucharest. Her main academic fields of interest are Linguistics and Anthropology. She is Director of the research grant titled “The toponymic heritage of Bucharest: a multi-ethnic perspective”.