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Креативни економии

Креативни индустрии

Оваа книга е резултат на реализацијата на проектот Креативни економии: ново знаење за нови иницијативи. Основната цел на проектот беше да се стекнат знаења за врските меѓу културата, креативноста и економијата, како и да се подигне свеста за општествениот и економскиот бенефит од стимулирањето на креативните економии. Проектот го промовира концептот во кој на културните и креативните ресурси и потенцијали нема да се гледа како на потрошувачи на буџетски средства туку како на основа за економски раст.

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Workshop: Critical Thinking and Critical Theory in Creative Practices


The workshop was a part of the project “Creative Youth Action”. The aim of the workshop was to motivate the young and creative participants of the project to become better informed about how their critical thought and critical theory can factor in their daily work, by employing creative practices that have bearing on contemporary social circumstances. The workshop was led …

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Renewing old crafts – felting


Training for traditional skills and values, by instigating the creative practices among the younger population, thus encouraging self-employment and economic growth through tourism Aim of the project The Project’s primary aim is to implement an approach that foregrounds creativity and self-initiated activities as the basis for personal and social economic growth, whilst raising awareness among the younger population about the …

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Creative Economies: New Knowledge for New Initiatives


Aim of the project The primary aim of the project is to gather knowledge/s on the bond between culture, creativity and the economy, i.e., meanings on the social inclusion aspects of the creative economies. The project, thus, aims at presenting and acknowledges the concept that foregrounds the cultural and creative resources and potentials as the basis of economic growth rather …

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