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A Talk by Goce Smilevski

The Gallery Osten held the first event of the 2013 annual program of the Centre for Culture and Cultural Studies (CCCS) titled “Culture as a Lifestyle: a meeting with novelist Goce Smilevski”. The novelist spoke about literature and exile in the work of playwright Goran Stefanovski, as well as the subject of intercultural communication. CCCS’s program is set to continue …

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CCCS’s Program “Culture as a Lifestyle” 2013

During 2013, the Center for Culture and Cultural Studies (CCCS) organized cultural events, as part of its “Culture as a Lifestyle” program. Its contents equally focused on the promotion of contemporary art and the advancement of cultural heritage/s. A part of the activities were directed towards organizing debates on topics otherwise marginalized or often left undiscussed and/or unreseached. The program …

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